Cicada Inglese

Cicada”, their fourth and new album, has been produced by Angelo Scogno, published by MRM APPALOOSA and distributed by IRD, it’s an elegant journey and a complete art project, an exiting music experiment: from blues to folk to americana including a traditional southern italian marching band. Every cd cover is a unique piece.

“Things never happen by chance, but perhaps, so many do that we can only see what is revealed by the experience of a moment”.
These are the first words of the introduction to “Cicada”, the fourth album from Dago Red. A work full of colours and influences in which the sounds touch many genres but the style remains unique; stories, characters and symbols are revealed little by little the more you listen to the unfolding narrative. These include the sounds of a traditional Abruzzo marching band (a true love statement to Dago Red’s homeplace), African rhythms, folk’n blues, roots, Americana and ethnic sounds, that live together in perfect equilibrium.

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Every CD cover is unique thanks to the hand-painted artwork devoted to each and every copy. Get on board for this musical trip of a lifetime!


  • Giuseppe Mascitelli: vocal, acoustic guitar songwriting
  • Nicola Palanza: guitars, arrangements
  • Paola Ceroli: vocals, percussions, vocal arrangements, choir direction
  • Angelo Scogno: piano, keyboards, Indian harmonium, backing vocals, percussions, arrangements
  • Nicola Di Camillo: double bass, electric bass
  • Andrea Giovannoli: drums & percussions
  • Fausto Troilo: drums & cajon
  • Angelo Tracanna: double bass
  • Danilo Di Paolo: mandolin
  • Antonello Di Matteo: accordion, clarinet, zampogna
  • Luisa Polidoro: choir
  • Annalisa Di Carlo: choir
  • Eleonora Di Federico: choir
  • Maria Rosaria Ruggieri: choir
  • Marcello Di Millo: tuba
  • Angelo Turchi: saxophones
  • Luciano Ricotta: piccolo flute, cymbals
  • Antonio Bonanno: trombone
  • Matteo Mascitelli: trumpet
  • Bernardo Lannutti: trumpet
  • Luca Flocco: trumpet
  • Nicola Gaeta: flute
  • Arduino D’Angelo: flugelhorn
  • Mario José de Casalangena: palmeo & percussions
  • Graphic Design: Antonio Antinucci
  • Paintings: Francesco Colafella
  • Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Angelo Scogno at SonusFactor