Cicada”, their fourth and new album, has been produced by Angelo Scogno, published by MRM APPALOOSA and distributed by IRD, it’s an elegant journey and a complete art project, an exiting music experiment: from blues to folk to americana including a traditional southern italian marching band. Every cd cover is a unique piece. – READ MORE – 

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All originally from Abruzzo Italy Dago Red started as a buskers trio in 1998 when Nicola Palanza, Marco Pellegrini and Giuseppe Mascitelli met with their instruments and their voices and the desire to play the blues. Since the very beginning they had the gift of a catchy and recognizable sound.

Twenty years, 4 original records, tracks included in collections and documentaries, buckets of songs and hundreds of gigs.

Later the band is enriched with new components, without loosing the quality of their own sound, enriching their color palette with: Nicola Di Camillo on the bass and doublebass, Paola Ceroli on the voice, Angelo Scogno on the keyboards and the voice and Andrea Giovannoli on the drums and percussions.

Their vocal harmonies, guitar plots, moving grooves, natural sound, make their concerts, as the French magazine Le Blues says a “coup de coeur” (a heart stroke).

They’ve thrilled their audiences in France, Germany, England Scotland, Switzerland and Italy of course.

In 2012 they won the italian blues competition and were nominated the best Italian blues band and in 2013 they represented Italy at the european blues challenge in Berlin. They had a special mention at the “International Songwriting Competition, two of the jury were Tom Waits and Robert Smith.

Their records transpire of a unique style. Listening to them, is like travelling with on a train while the songs / stories flowing out the window. Their tracks are full of nuances and sounds that suddenly overwelm you.